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Some people who view my work think that it is either computer generated or airbrushed. It is neither. It is generated by my mind….which I lost a few years back. It is produced by brushes, acrylic paint, masking tape, (lots), and ultra smooth canvas. A sketch is made directly on the canvas. Rarely, if ever, do I pre-plan. It is a spontaneous sketch. I use rulers and pencils and lots of erasers. Once the sketch is complete I paint on a relatively horizontal surface rather than an easel. I usually paint at night and have several strong lamps that I move to enhance my ability to see the edges. I create the perspective and shading in my head..... it comes naturally.

I choose the colors spontaneously, there is no preconceived idea. Sometimes the colors are chosen by the fact that I ran out of red at 2:00AM. I just paint with whatever is there.

My favorite themes are spacescapes, cityscapes, automobiles, balls, boxes, landscapes, carousel horses, geometrics, Rabbi Chompski in front of famous landmarks, and other whimsy. I sometimes use photos for reference, but again, most of the imagery comes straight from wherever my subconscious happens to be at that time.
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